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Negative and positive emotions are both a part of life. Sometimes we get a bit stuck in negative spirals and have difficulty seeing the bigger picture. It can come in the form of depression, anxiety, extreme anger outbursts that make us feel overwhelmed.   Learn how to navigate these waves so that you feel more prepared to take on the world. 


Are you wondering if you relationship with certain substances or behaviours is healthy? We sometimes get into a pattern of using alcohol, drugs, gambling,  pornography or compulsive sexual behaviour as a way of managing difficult emotions. Unfortunately this often makes the problem worse in the long run. Reach out if you would like to explore this for yourself. 


Are you or your loved one struggling with unhealthy relationships, sexual addiction or betrayal trauma? These issues can be difficult to navigate and they can make us feel alone. Work can begin with an exploration around healthy attachment and your own attachment needs. 


Learning to say "no" to certain things is a valuable skill that we often struggle with. Sometimes there is a sense that we are not aware of what our boundaries are or that others would not respect them. The starting place is often to explore our long term relationships with boundaries and the fear behind having our voice heard.


Our earliest attachment to our caregiver forms the basis for later relationships in our lives.  As such, we place out trust in those we form deep bonds and connections with. When this trust is violated, it can feel like our very survival is being threatened. Symptoms of betrayal trauma can be debilitating. Reach out of you would like some support. 


Do you often find yourself feeling uneasy and overwhelmed? Or maybe you tend to crave certainty in your life? Anxiety comes in many forms and can range from mild to debilitating. Ultimately it comes down to how our nervous system has learned to respond to the outside world and our internal sensations. It can be very helpful to tune into our nervous system and find out what in needs in order to get into a more resting state. 

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