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10-Week Men's Healthy Sexuality and Process Addictions Group

Based on Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model


IFS is a new paradigm in understanding the nature of the relationship between various parts of ourselves manifesting in behaviours, thoughts and emotions. It is a non-pathologizing approach to understanding addictive and compulsive behaviour. All parts of us have innately good intentions and our inner system always strives for equilibrium.

If you are struggling with:

  • Sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour.

  • Compulsive pornography use or masturbation 

  • Relationship disturbances

  • Love addiction and emotional dependency

  • Difficultly setting boundaries and communicating needs in intimate relationships

  • Fears around rejection or abandonment

  • Difficulty building intimacy and healthy connection with others.


  • Overview of the basic principles of the IFS Model and how it applies to process addictions and struggles with building intimacy

  • Understanding the role of various parts in our system: managers, firefighters, exiles.

  • Learning to find and access self energy in order to begin the therapeutic process

  • Learning about function and positive intention of our parts

  • Working with parts that may have been polarized or at odds with each other

  • Integrating this into a greater sense of wellbeing and intimacy with ourselves and others

Group Structure 

  • Tuesday evenings 6pm-8pm

  • Advance Registration Required 

  • 10 Weeks

  • Group meets virtually

  • Maximum 10 Participants

  • Begins January 23rd, 2024

“The more we can learn to recognize and honor all of our parts, the more we can find inner peace and balance.” – Richard Schwartz.

Group For Men with Sex Addiction, Pornography Addcition and Compulsive Masturbation

Reach out for More Information or to Register

Please visit the contact page if you are interested in joining this group and connecting with other men going through a similar journey.

All participation is voluntary, confidential and in compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act. 

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