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Online Psychotherapy 

Fostering Growth and Self Discovery

Therapy for Sex Addiction, Anxiety, Relationship Issues and Emotion Regulation


Iryna Gavrysh

As a registered psychotherapist, I feel truly honoured to be working with my clients on their journey to well-being and self-discovery. The longer I spend doing what I do, the more I am amazed by the inner resilience and capacity for healing that we all have. Pain and difficult emotions is something we are all familiar with. The nature of being human is moving through the ups and downs of life to the best of our ability. This is often messy and non-linear and healthy connection can make a world of a difference during difficult times. For me this means working just as hard on bringing a solid and grounding presence for my clients in their own journey.


Negative and positive emotions are both a part of life. Learn how to navigate these waves so that you feel more prepared to take on the world. 


Are you wondering if you relationship with certain substances or behaviours is healthy? Reach out if you would like to learn more about this. 


If you or a loved one is struggling with unhealthy relationships, compulsive sexual behavior or betrayal trauma, reach out to learn about how I can help. 

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